Solar Roller Rolls Solar Pool Covers in Sections Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Revolutionary Freefloating Solar Pool Cover Roller

Roll Cover Sections, Like Pieces of a Puzzle ..

Tugging and pulling your solar pool cover is difficult and a lot of work most the time requiring two people. Worse yet, leaving a solar pool cover on deck to cook in the open sun balloons the sensitive bubbles turning your 12 mil solar cover into a 2 mil soon to wear out.  The fast and easy Solar Roller ® solves those problems and extends the life of a solar pool cover by allowing you to quickly roll your cover directly on the water in sections like pieces of a puzzle.  Rolls in just 15 seconds, it’s a first of it’s kind designed for almost any shape pool.

The Most Efficient Means to Roll a Solar Pool Cover

Free Floating Directly On the Water ..

Rolling your solar pool cover in sections directly on the water is easy because there’s very little resistance as the cover glides upon the water being pulled from both directions to create a nice tidy roll.  Working with smaller sections is a more manageable modular approach to reduce the size and weight of the solar pool cover. Smaller sections are easier, lighter, and faster to roll than trying to deal with the entire cover.

Solar Roller Freefloating Solar Pool Cover Reel
Solar Roller Solar Pool Cover For Above Ground Pool

Rolling Solar Pool Covers on Aboveground Pools

Round or oval pools, split cover in the middle

Because the Solar Roller is free-floating completely supported by the already floating solar pool cover, there’s nothing attached to the pool.  The same concept works on any pool because you’re rolling the solar pool cover directly on the water.

No Tools Required

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Easy to assemble without the use of tools. First build the rollers to the width of your pool using the interlocking tubes and special connectors, then attach the covers using our custom fasteners, and you’re ready to roll.

One Size Fits All

Solar Roller ® Pool Cover Remover

The adaptive Solar Roller design uses lightweight aluminum tubes to fit almost all shapes and size pools, from narrow lap pools, round or oval above-ground pools, to larger in-ground pools up to 20 x 40 feet. Kit comes with two complete rollers.

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