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    Split Solar Cover and Attach Solar Rollers Solar Roller Rolls Solar Pool Covers in Sections Like Pieces of a Puzzle

    Solar Roller ® Cover Stick™

    $229.95 $197.50
    Patented Solar Roller ® CoverStick™ easily rolls irregular free-form and kidney shaped pools up to 20x40ft. Revolutionary "modular" approach rolls solar covers directly on the water, in sections "like pieces of a puzzle".  Just split the solar cover at the bend or bottleneck of the pool and attach a Solar Roller pool cover remover to each section. Completely supported by the already floating cover, there's nothing attached to your deck. Kit comes with two rollers, one for each solar cover section. Once installed, the free-floating rollers become part of the cover, and are always ready to roll, just pop on the handle and go.
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    Optional Accessory Caddy and Two Covers for the Solar Roller ® Included in package:
    • Roller Caddy for supporting one end of the rolls
    • Black bungee to hook cover to caddy axle
    • Two lightweight opaque storage covers to store rolls during off season
    • Six Velcro straps to secure covers on rolls
    • Solar Caddy™ Installation Instructions
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    Add Extra Single Roller Solar Pool Cover - Extra Single Roller

    Extra Single Roller

    $129.95 $99.97
    For larger pool shapes that require 3 rollers we offer this extra single-roller.  Can also be used with Above-Ground Round Pools that are under 20ft max without needing to split the cover (over 20ft pools must split the cover).
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