Solar Roller Gold 2040

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GOLD ROLLER: Patented Solar Roller ® GOLD easily rolls irregular free-form and kidney shaped pools up to 20x40ft. Like it’s Silver brother, the Drawn Tube Gold Anodized Solar Roller employs the same revolutionary “modular” approach that rolls solar covers directly on the water, in sections “like pieces of a puzzle”.  And Drawn Tube is actually stronger!

Kit comes with two rollers, one for each cover section.

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David Hoff Takes the Hassle Out of Rolling Solar Covers ..
Patented Solar Roller ® GOLD is “Made in the USA” of lightweight DRAWN TUBE aluminum anodized in gold. Like the Silver Solar Roller (4000 SOLD OUT), all the same principles apply.. but drawn tube extrusion is actually stronger.

The Gold Roller easily rolls any shaped pool up to 20x40ft “Directly on the Water, In Sections Like Pieces of a Puzzle”.  Be sure to see the  VIDEOS  link for lots more info..

Again the trick, and what sets the Solar Roller concept apart, is the modular design where you split the solar cover into sections and attach a Freefloating Solar Roller to each section. Just like the Silver Roller, it’s completely supported by the buoyant solar cover, so it’s lightweight free-floating with the cover, and there’s nothing attached to your deck.  In fact, you don’t even know it’s there..

Kit comes with two rollers, one for each cover section. Once installed, the free-floating rollers become part of the cover never having to remove, and is always ready to roll.. just pop on the handle and go.

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 4 × 4 in


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